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Social Live Streaming  For Fun & Profit

Debbie Drum - help [at] 

Here's What You'll Get:

FB Live - The Mechanics

  • The Pseudo FB Live Method - Discover in less than 10 minutes how to "GO LIVE" with a Pre-Recorded Video at any time (for FREE). No additional investment needed. 

  • Get Started Quickly - There's 1-2 annoying little hurdles that we cover inside. Without knowing these you could spend HOURS testing and figuring stuff out and WASTING TIME. Get the inside track to get started with no headaches!

  • Go Live With Groups and FB Pages - We're gonna show you how to go live inside a FB Group or FB Page without your phone! You can do this LIVE or with a pre-recorded video. This is SUPER COOL! 

  • Go Live With Desktop - We show you 2 ways to go live right from your desktop - no phone needed. Again, all with FREE tools - spend nothing additional! No Fluff - Straight to the point instructions to get your started QUICKLY!!

$97 Value

YouTube Live Streaming

  • DEBBIE's CASE STUDY: $500 in 4 minutes

You'll see exactly how Debbie made $500 with only a 4 minute video.This is an easily repeatable process that you can do over and over again. 

  • Pseudo Live Stream YOUTUBE Edition

You'll learn exactly how to do the same stuff we are teaching with FB Live but on YouTube. It goes without saying that YouTube gives you access hundreds of millions of people.

  • How to Rank on YouTube Literally Within Seconds

This is a unique strategy we developed that is getting us near instant results.

$197 Value

The Ummmm Killer Method

  • Stop saying ummms, ahhh, ya knows and other Verbal Diarrhea! 
  • It’s very distracting 
  • In this 3-part mini-series, I show you how to avoid or stop this horrible habit so people will focus on what you are saying! 
  • It’s not hard to kick the habit and I show you how! 

$47 Value

Social Live Streaming  For Fun & Profit