Finally Get Your Book Infront of Targeted Readers in 3 Days or Less Without Having To Do Any of The Hard Work Yourself - Proof Below and Works In Any Niche 

Promoting your books can be difficult, confusing and time consuming. I hear ya! 

Every now and again there's a promotional strategy that comes along that actually works to get you targeted readers and buyers to your books! I've found one! 

Folks are loving this new service I am offering! One author made 40 sales with the promo and her sales rank went down! 

Here Are Some Real Results 

"When I first heard about Debbie's Kindle Promotion service I was highly skepical that she could get good results for such a low price. Other services I have used changed a lot more and their results were only fair. Then I tried out her service and WOW! A BLAST of sales came in over the first 24 hours and they are still coming in. Plus my sales rank improved 350%. This is an amazing service!" James Jones

I have teamed up with a source of very targeted readers of pretty much every genre you can think of. It's quite exciting for authors who want more exposure for their books! 

Here's What I Can Do For Your Kindle Book(s) 

  • 1 Promo to a highly targeted group of people waiting to buy your book
  • Before our promo, I tell you exactly what to do so you get the most out of the promo (these are not hard things but they are strong suggestions so you have the most potential to get more future sales, make more fans, build your author list and even get reviews). The only main criteria to proceed is your book needs to be 99cents.  
  • With this targeted group I started to work with, I haven't seen anyone do this promo and not make at least 25 sales or more! So, if you don't, then I will give you your money back!

Oh By The Way, It Works For All Niches!  

  • Fiction
  • Non Fiction
  • Erotica
  • Romance
  • Coloring Books
  • and more! 

What Can This Do For Your Book? 

  • Bring You Sales and Exposure 
  • Build Your Email List
  • Get Better Salesrank
  • Get You Reviews
  • Get You More Fans and Superfans 
  • Bring Your Other Books More Traffic and Sales

Here's What You Need Before You Purchase:  

There's 2 things to remember...

1) This is such an awesome solution that if you don't see at least 25 sales of your book, then I give you your money back for wasting your time! It's that simple! 

2) All you need is a book that is 99 cents to work with me. You can always change the price later. 

If you agree to both of these things and you want more traffic to your book starting today, then go ahead and get in before someone else takes your spot!

There's no guarantees that your book will be a best seller. This is not a best seller service! This is an offer that will get your book infront of very targeted readers! 

There's absolutely no risk - only reward for you! 

Only 10 Spots Available - This Is Very Limited!  

Time Left...


Get In On This Special Deal! 

Go Ahead and take action now and watch your book make more sales. We will be starting the promos next week (or when you are ready to move forward after that time). 

The intro price is VERY LOW considering what I am offering! But remember, there is no risk on your part whatsoever!

The "non-special" rate is $297 and it will be going up tomorrow!

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